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Day 4, April 29 – The Long, Good Friday

Okay, it isn’t Friday evening and I’m not writing this having just completed my appointments for the day. It’s Sunday and we are home. We were up at 3am on Saturday morning, took a taxi to Ronald Reagan Airport and … Continue reading

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Day 3, April 26th – The ‘I hate Cardiac CT Scans’ Day

Forgive me; I suspect tonight’s entry will be considerably shorter than the first two. Fact is, I am spent; exhausted; utterly drained; or, as English readers would say, completely knackered. Today’s schedule involved only two procedures, neither of them particularly … Continue reading

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Day 2, April 25th – The Pee in My Bag Day

This is hardly the place to go all political on you, but ever since landing in the States ten and a bit years ago I have had a problem with the ‘system’. In the UK, where I was born and … Continue reading

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Day 1, April 24th – The 14 Vials of Blood Day

As I take the last bite of my lightly-spiced (cajun) chicken breast dinner – which I ordered by phone and which was bought to my bedside in no time at all along with a delicious Caesar salad – I can … Continue reading

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